Videst Hybrid Power Systems
Videst systems provides:

Uninterrupted power supply.
Automatic change over from and to PHCN
No noise pollution
No Environmental pollution
No Safety and Security Risk
No Maintenance cost
No fuelling cost
No need for generator to charge the system
Durable with 25 years design life span
Beautiful aesthetics
Unique compact design requiring minimal installation
Brings prestige and added value to your homes, Offices
and Residential Estates.
12 months system warranty
Life time after sales service and support
Flexible power of 1KVA -10KVA capacity
Special power requirements can also be

1kvaDesigned for 1-2 Bedroom

2kvaDesigned for 2-3 Bedroom

3kva- Designed for 3-4 Bedroom

4kvaDesigned for Mini Duplex

5kva- Designed for Duplex

6kvaDesigned for Duplex

10kvaDuplex for Duplex
Videst Solar/Wind Hybrid Power systems

Our systems are used in Homes, Offices, Residential Estates and
wherever Power is needed.
under the
laws of the
Republic of
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Videst Energy
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Winner of UNDP/BOI Renewable Energy Challenge
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