Who we are:
Videst Energy Limited is a Renewable Energy
Solution provider with the mandate to
develop an alternative product  to fossil fuel
generator using Renewable Energy

We have been carrying out Research and
Development of Renewable Energy
Technology, specifically, WIND and SOLAR
Technology for several years.

Our products exploit Wind and Solar Energy
CONVERTING them into Electricity and
ADAPTED to be used in Homes, Offices,
Residential Estates and Communities.

Videst Systems also incorporates power
source from the National Grid (PHCN) using
the Continuous Interface Technology (CIT), A
Technology developed by Videst Energy,
which Guarantees you UNINTERRUPTED
power supply, therefore making our systems
a convenient ALTERNATIVE to fossil fuel

Our product range covers the full range of
energy requirement, from energy
Wind turbines and
Solar modules to energy STORAGE by our
Deep Cycle Batteries and our
CONVERTS the stored energy into electricity.

In December 2011, Videst Power systems
were declared WINNER of a highly
competitive Innovative Renewable Energy
challenge competition jointly organized by a
team from the United Nations through its
agency United Nations Development Program
(UNDP) and Bank of Industry (BOI).

We also deal in Advanced Technology high
Power/Solar inverters of various

Our products provide the most cost effective
solutions to all your power problems.

Our systems are affordable, reliable,
compact design and innovative.
Videst Energy Limited (RC: 771977)
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under the
laws of the
Republic of
E-Mail: info@videst-group.com; Telephone: +234-1-7349409;
Website: www.videst-group.com
Videst Energy
Distinguishing Features of Videst systems:

        25 Years design life span.
        The system operates effectively during rainy/windy days, sunny days and at night.
        No need for Generator to Charge the system.
        No Fuelling Cost.
        No Maintenance Cost.
        No Noise Pollution.
        No Safety and Security Risk.
        No Environmental Pollution.
        No Change Over (Automatic change over to and from NEPA).
        Fully computerized so you have a record of power generation and consumption
    profile of your appliances and household.
       System can be unbolted and transferred to a new location.

At Videst we are dedicated to connecting you with Energy to......... Work, Play and Live.  
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Winner of UNDP/BOI Renewable Energy Challenge
Latest News:
Videst Receives Award from UNDP/BOI
UNDP,BOI,US-AID Visits Videst;
Videst Exhibits at NNPC thrift etc.