Videst Energy Limited is a Renewable Energy Company; providing Energy to
power homes, offices, streets, Residential Estates and communities
through the use of Renewable Energy sources such as Wind and Solar
energy (Click
here for our Energy systems). We also deal with inverters and
charge controllers. Our power systems saves you a lot of power cost
therefore allowing you to focus your attention and finances on other pressing

It is estimated that about 65 million Nigerians own fossil fuel generators and
spend a total of N1.56 trillion on fuelling them in one year. Manufacturers
Association of Nigeria stated in its latest report that its members require
2,000MW of electricity to operate its machines at installed capacity. In order
to create a balance between power available from the National grid (PHCN)
and power demand by its members, MAN spends a total of N1.8 billion
weekly on fuelling and an additional N954 million on weekly maintenance of
the generators, these figures do not include the cost of acquiring the

The frequent epileptic power supply in Nigeria has given both the
government and private sectors serious cause of concern.  The use of fossil
fuel generators to compensate for the short fall in electricity power supply
posses serious Environmental, Health, Safety and Security concerns. The
cost of fueling and maintaining these generators has significantly increased
the cost of doing business in the country with the consumer being the worst
hit. When power is available from PHCN it is either with a low voltage which
is insufficient to power equipments and appliances or its voltage is too high
causing damages to equipments and appliances. These among others
have caused many business establishments to either fold up or re-locate to
another country with a better power supply thereby causing a serious drain
on the economy.

According to the office of National Economic Planning and Energy
Commission of Nigeria, for the country to attain its desired 13% GDP growth
rate by 2030, its total Energy demand will be 297,900MW. This translates
into the construction of an additional 11,686MW generating plants every year
to meet up with demand.

The Government on its part has instituted a lot of reforms in the power sector
in order to stabilize and ensure a regular power supply. Part of these efforts
was the signing into law the Electricity Power Sector Reform Act, 2005 on the
8th of August 2005. The Law provides for the liberalization of the power
sector, thereby opening up the space for private establishments to play a
part in the Generation, Distribution and Trading of Electricity.

Renewable Energy is the future of energy in the world over. Wind-Solar
energy optimizes natural resource allocation and integrates two technical
proposals, which also enhance better product cost performance and
enlarge the application scope.

The wind and solar power are emerging energies that have been
industrialized by technologies on a large scale in industrialized world.
Utilizing them can help resource allocation, rationalization of technical plans
and performance-price ratio, and lay a solid foundation for application and
popularization of Renewable Energy in the society. Wind energy and solar
energy complement each other, and, therefore, are applied as trend requires.

Solar and wind energies are inexhaustible and are widely distributed, can be
utilized where they are, and will not cause any environmental pollution.

Lightings powered by wind and solar energy not only reflects the
government's energy saving and environmental protection policy, but also
can serve as a good teaching material for popularizing new energy
education. At the same time, street lamps powered by wind and solar
energies can fully display the cities vitality, and increase the response to the
national policies on new energy application, energy saving, consumption
and emission reduction.

The wind speed in Nigeria ranges from 1m/s– 12m/s at the height of 10M
while the average solar intensity is 3.5-7KWh/m2/day (485.1 million
MWH/day) using 0.1% Nigeria landmass. The favorable wind speed for our
product and high solar radiation makes Renewable Energy a viable energy

With a strong, innovative and dedicated Management team working under
the advice of the Board of Directors; Videst Energy Limited has positioned
itself to play a major role in the Energy industry by providing affordable,
dependable and reliable energy through Green Renewable Energy Sources
such as Wind and Solar Power.

We have established short term, intermediate and long term business
strategies for achieving this all important goal.

Immediate Strategic Business Plan: To Design, Construct, Operate and
Maintain at micro level wind-solar hybrid power systems for individual
homes and establishments. The Hybrid Power station is flexible enough to
cater for all categories of establishments and customers no matter their
power demand, from as low as 1,000W to 100,000W.

Intermediate Strategic Business Plan: To Design, Construct, Operate and
Maintain wind-solar hybrid captive power stations for heavy users of power
such as large manufacturing companies, churches and small isolated
communities requiring power in the range of 100KW-1,000KW.

Long Term Strategic Business Plan: To Design, Construct, Own, Operate
and Maintain Renewable Energy Power stations generating over >1,000KW
of Electricity into the National grid and for captive purposes.

The present Board of Directors of Videst Energy is made up of members
with accumulative Managerial, Technical and Professional experience of
over seventy years in various fields.

In Videst Energy we go beyond designing, building, installing, operating and
maintaining green energy solutions, but also connecting you with
energy………. To work, play and live.

Videst Energy Limited is a Limited Liability Company Incorporated under the
laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and under the regulations of the
Company and Allied Act in 9th September 2008 with RC No 771977.

The Videst Group is presently made up of Videst Energy Limited (The Energy
to work) and Videst Farms Limited (The Energy to Live).

Our Vision:
To be the preferred Global Energy Company of choice.

Our Mission:
To design, build, connect, operate, maintain, supply and install Renewable
Energy facilities and accessories to power homes, public places, street
lights, offices and industrial establishments.
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under the
laws of the
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Videst Energy
Real life Videst Hybrid systems
for residential environments
Real life Videst Hybrid systems
for residential environments
Real life Videst Hybrid systems
for residential environments
Videst Wind Turbine
A Solar array
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